Grease fittings and caps for grease fittings

The grease fitting (grease maker) is designed to facilitate the supply of lubricant to various components of the mechanisms of balers and other agricultural machinery.

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Assortment of grease fittings and caps for grease fittings from DNKagri

One of the most common causes of failure of any mechanism is the lack of proper lubrication of rubbing mechanisms, their clogging with dust and dirt. In order for the working units of agricultural machinery to se...

Balers are most often operated not by individuals, but by organizations – accordingly, the purchase of chains for equipment should appear in tax reports. To request an invoice with IBAN details, call our manager or write to us by e-mail.

We do everything to make it convenient for the buyer to cooperate with us – naturally, we do not accept cash.

At "Nova Poshta" branch, recipients are always allowed to open the parcel first, and only then make a decision about whether to pick it up. If the contents of the parcel do not suit the recipient, he must refuse it and contact us to resolve the issue with the delivery of the "correct" chain.