Spare parts for Riviera Casalis balers

Rivierre Sasalis no longer exists as a production of agricultural machinery, but branded equipment still works in fields and meadows all over the world.

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Assortment of spare parts for Rivierre Сasalis balers from DNKagri

Since 1990, Riviera Casalis has not released new equipment of the brand of the same name - after several transformations and a short existence under the banner of Vicon (as part of the international giant Kverneland), th...

In matters of delivery of spare parts for balers in Ukraine, we fully rely on Nova Poshta, a reliable partner with a large-scale network of branches throughout the country. The customer can receive the goods within 1-3 days after sending – the closer you are to Chernivtsi, the sooner you will receive the purchase. Also we provide international delivery using:
Ukr Air,
EMS Shipping,
Custom Shipping.
Payment methods:
Bank Transfer
IBAN (Europe)
Money Gram
Western Union
The average delivery time is 2-3 weeks to any country in the world.

It is necessary to determine breakdowns directly on the spot, because for customers in Chernivtsi region, we offer an on-site diagnostic service. Unfortunately, our craftsmen do not travel to other regions – this is impractical from the point of view of logistics. Customers from other regions need to look for a master nearby.

Most of the customers of the DNKagri online store are agricultural enterprises for which reporting is important. To request an invoice, please contact our manager use messengers to contact us or e-mail - this will allow you to pay and document the transaction.