Online store of spare parts for combine harvesters DNKagri

Thanks to the advent of combine harvesters, grain harvesting has been significantly simplified and accelerated, which has made it possible to feed millions of people in addition.

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Assortment of spare parts for combine harvesters from DNKagri

The breakdown of a combine harvester does not always mean the need for immediate purchase of new, expensive equipment – it is often possible to do with the purchase of worn-out spare parts. Some parts wear out much more ofte...

DNKagri online store sets itself the task of supplying consumers with only high-quality original and analogue parts. At the moment, we have established the supply of spare parts from Claas and John Deere factories and other spare parts suppliers. In the future, we plan to expand the range by adding new positions and other manufacturers.

Our main delivery partner is "Nova Poshta" – all goods purchased by customers are sent only by this company. If there are branches of "Nova Poshta" in your region, and it is convenient for you to pick up a parcel in one of them, then delivery to your region is possible. Also we provide international delivery using:
Ukr Air,
EMS Shipping,
Custom Shipping.
Payment methods:
Bank Transfer
IBAN (Europe)
Money Gram
Western Union

When placing an order, the visitor has to manually enter a lot of different information about himself, including the address, payment method, and so on. The registered user enters the data once – the system remembers them and substitutes them in the future. The safety of personal data is guaranteed – they will never fall into third hands.